Our giving activities are guided by the core value of having a more fair society. We do this by supporting organizations and individuals promoting a variety of social justice causes. Donation recipients are screened and selected on the basis of the following key criteria:

– Must address an important social justice need, whether it be in the area of human rights, animal welfare, economic empowerment, corporate ethics, homelessness, elder neglect, or other areas.

– Must be able to convincingly describe how their strategy will cause actual change on the ground and explain why this strategy is best.

– Have smart, passionate, and full time management with a proven track record in current or previous endeavors.

– Possess the desire and ability to substantially grow the organization’s impact and reach.

Some of the Organizations We Support:

Purposeful investing doesn’t stop with making profits. The Fund’s success directly benefits important philanthropic and activist causes. The Prospect Fund applies the same research process in its giving activities as it does in its stock selection process. We look to support organizations that address an important need in society, have strong leadership, are comparatively the best at what they do, and possess an ability to grow significantly and achieve widespread impact.

Current areas we support include human rights, animal welfare on industrialized farms, quality of life for the elderly, student leadership, and music as a tool for solving problems.

Some of the Organizations We Support: